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  • Jul 23
  • Shipping
  • Delivery Service
  • 9

I ordered a storage shed from a company on ebay and paid $50 for shipping. The ebay seller was wonderful about communicating the expected delivery time, and since this was a large package I had to arrange for someone to be at my house when the shipment arrived. I got a call from SAIA a day earlier than expected, which was wonderful, to arrange a delivery time from their facility. We arranged for... Read more

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  • Jun 23
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Helicopter Blades
  • 15

i just spent 10 grand to ship helicopter blades to california to a specialist to get fixed. when my crates arrived back in minnesota sais motor freight company backed up over my crates caring my helicopter blades with a forklift and now they are tyring to say it is not their responsibility to take care of the damages. i am in the middle of taking them to court because they cannot just take... Read more

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  • Jun 13
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Failed Delivery
  • 14

I was promised a deliver date. The company That I ordered the merchandise was told exactly the date I needed the deliver. This is the 1st and last time that I use this freight company. They talk to like you own them. They speak to you with disrespect. The laugh at you while you are frustrated on the phone that you are not getting your delivery. They want to deliver on their terms. They... Read more

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  • Jun 09
  • Shipping
  • Houston, Texas
  • Freight Service
  • 19

Saia Motor Freiht in Houston TX on railwood dr is the company I am complaining about today. These people are full of s*** , they are always claiming they are hiring, and they are looking for people with experience. I was called by one of their recruiters I was simply rejected because I didn't have a certification to drive a forklift but I knew how operate a forklift and do everything about... Read more

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You are right about a bunch of over paid ***'s. I have one as a terminal manager at the grl terminal Add comment

  • May 14
  • Shipping
  • Delivery Schedule
  • 23

Saia cost me an additional $800 for a shipment that originally cost $750 simply because they did not deliver on the date scheduled on their tracking website. I rented a $400/day fork lift based on the delivery date provided in the tracking information and then had to continue the rental for an additional two days. When I tried to call the delivery terminal all I got was a fax machine. Contacted... Read more

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  • Mar 05
  • Equipment
  • Longmont, Colorado
  • Delayed Delivery
  • 28

I Received a phone call to schedule a date and time. Monday came around my husband took off work for the delivery and they never showed up. I called that day and they said there was nothing they could do the delivery was delayed. I told the lady a phone call could have helped and again the lady said like I told you before there is nothing we can do about it. It's now two days later and my... Read more

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  • Feb 26
  • Shipping
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Racking Information
  • 42

According to tracking information via website & email our product arrived at the local hub on Tuesday @ 6 am & would deliver later that afternoon, I called @ 8 am & was assured my product was to be loaded & out for delivery shortly. I signed up for email notification, checking periodically all day with no change, I called again @ 3:30 pm to be informed the product was never loaded... Read more

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  • Feb 11
  • Shipping
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Unprofessional Service
  • 11
  • 38

Scheduled a pickup for between 1 and 4pm (customer's vendor request). We have had issues with the past with late pickups and broken down trucks so called a few minutes before 4 to check on driver. Was told no one would be there for pickup; they would catch the pickup the next day. Asked if we needed to do anything to insure pickup - was told no; they will be there. Next day called at 2pm to... Read more

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  • Dec 19, 2013
  • Shipping
  • Shipping Extra Fees
  • 2
  • 64

We had been using them for 10 years and just last month they started adding extra fees to all of our shipments without any warning after receiving the billing statement from them I called to dispute and was told it is their new policy to do everything on a national level and our waiver by the local manager no longer matters and they refused to remove the fees. We charge our customers fright only... Read more

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